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This article was written on 06 Feb 2013, and is filled under 4e D&D, Board Game, Reviews & Culture.

Dungeon Command: Curse of Undeath


Already you’ve rallied your forces in the Heart of Cormyr, felt the Sting of Lolth, and battled the Tyranny of Goblins. The Curse of Undeath is upon you.

Curse of Undeath is the fourth of the Dungeon Command Board Games. I previously reviewed the Tyranny of Goblins set back in October, and a little while back received the Curse of Undeath set in the mail. Christmas and an intense month of school in January held back the review, but here it is!

Since I’ve previously talked about the rules for the game in the Goblins review, I’ll skip that, and focus instead on the components within the set.

This set has a lot of interesting aspects to it, including another gorgeous set of boards. Each set comes with a set of boards that can interlock together, and Curse of Undeath has some particularly nice ones. These are the type I’d definitely include in future D&D sessions, as they feature lots of bone piles and a man strapped to a sacrificial altar. All good things to evoke a place of unnamed terror.

The board also features two really cool start areas. One side of the boards is an outdoor map, the other is a dungeon. The previous Goblin set featured some smashed up terrain, in keeping with the goblin ideals, and the start areas in this set are broken open and dug up graves. Perfectly evocative of the sinister undead.

The two faction leaders in the set are a necromancer and vampire. The Necromancer, Delthrin Everet, has the ability to bring out more allies by increasing his leadership for each enemy killed. The Vampire, Morgana Valistova, grants all Undead the ability to prevent a chunk of damage by losing morale.

The cards for actually playing the game are brilliant too. What I love about the game is that you can choose to build your own decks from multiple sets to form new and interesting strategies. You can combine the Tyranny of Goblin’s Arcane Scroll with the Curse of Undeath’s Dungeon Door, simply making sure all requirements are there. The game allows a level of modularity you wouldn’t expect.

The minis for this set are top notch, with a cool specter, an awesome vampire, some skeletons and zombies, and an absolutely gorgeous dracolitch. The game is worth picking up if only for the fantastic minis you’ll be able to use in D&D. So far, I’ve really liked the minis the Dungeon Command game has come out with, and this set is no different. The figures are on par with the quality of the old D&D minis.

This set is very cool, and definitely one to pick up if you have enjoyed previous sets, or if you’re just looking at getting into Dungeon Command.

Below, you can see my unboxing video, so you can see the components for yourself.

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