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This article was written on 29 Jan 2013, and is filled under 5e D&D, D&D Next, Webcomic.

A Big Week for D&D


Wow, a lot’s been going on with Wizards of the Coast right now! First, they began releasing their classic D&D books in PDF, and now there’s two new announcements!

First of all, the new D&D Next Playtest has been released! You can now play as a Barbarian from levels 1-20! I’m really excited for this, because I haven’t been inspired to play a Barbarian before. However, with my Reaper Bones coming in, and this figure being among them, I want to play a brutish Barbarian.

Also, Scott Kurtz of PVP has started a brand new webcomic detailing the exploits of the Table Titans, a group of gamers playing D&D. Normally, webcomic characters play generic versions of fantasy RPGs, or one invented by the creator. In this case, Table Titans is completely official, with Kurtz working with WotC to make it. The great part is that it also contains a “Tales from the Table” section where you can write in your own gaming stories. I look forward to the further exploits of the group!

Now I’m torn: Do I run D&D Next in the next couple of months, or a Star Trek RPG? Decisions, decisions…

Art at the top is by Scott Kurtz of Table Titans.

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  1. Eric M. Paquette
    January 29, 2013

    You should run D&D Next set in the Star Trek Universe.
    Medical = Cleric
    Security/Red Shirts = Fighter
    Engineering = Rogue
    Science = Wizard

    Reskin all the monsters as alien species.
    Klingon = Orc
    Romula = Drow
    Gorn = Troglodyte
    Borg = Warforged
    Tholian = Shardmind
    Eric M. Paquette´s last blog post ..A Penny for My Thoughts: 11th Hour Memories

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