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This article was written on 22 Jan 2013, and is filled under 1e D&D, 2e D&D, 3e D&D, 4e D&D, Announcement.

DnD Classics is Live!



A couple days ago, I began receiving alerts to me email that Wizards of the Coast was putting materials up on RPGNow. I’m a featured reviewer for the site, I’m told when there are new products up. I responded as I think anyone would, and went to Twitter to inform everyone, before even clicking the links. Nowhere was I told not to share. When I finally got to checking the links going to the site, it looked like they weren’t not there, so I assumed WotC was still getting their ducks in a row. It was only after about a half hour that I was asked to take down my post and Tweets, as the items had not been released, but by then, the cat was out of the bag. I had unleashed a monster. For that, I apologize. I should have checked and verified that the items were okay to talk about.

But now, it’s all official and up! You can see all their products here¬†on RPGNow and at DnDClassics. There’s a huge variety of products from every single edition of D&D! I know I’ll be picking up a few products very, very soon.

Thanks to Eric Paquette for his help.

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