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January 16, 2013 1 Comment

No RX Actos, Okay, so, I know I've been posting these From the Archives posts, but Mythender has gotten me really excited. So excited, 1000mg Actos, Actos uk, in fact, that even though it only debuted yesterday, Actos mexico, 250mg Actos, I've already made up some new content for it. I present you with: The God of Storms Mythender Fate, Actos craiglist. Actos india, (Mr. Macklin, 200mg Actos, Actos paypal, I'd love to work with you on Mythender stuff if you're looking for contributors in the future.)

God of Storms

Who makes the very earth tremble and the sky mourn, drowning mortalkind in an endless sea, 40mg Actos.

The Dream of Storms

Your dream is of nature enraged, No RX Actos. 750mg Actos, Hurricanes and typhoons answer to your call. Mortals quake in fear of your fury, Actos usa, Actos coupon, but beg for your return when their crops whither. You are the storm, Actos japan, Actos canada, you are the vicious gale. Lightning is yours to command; How will you use it, 500mg Actos.

Concept: Stormlord

Personal Blight: Storms follow me darkening the sky and drenching hearth and home my presence No RX Actos, . 10mg Actos, Paragon Form: I appear as... a rain-drenched figure, Actos us, 100mg Actos, even in dry weather.

Supernatural Form: I appear as.., 50mg Actos. 150mg Actos, a rain-drenched figure, and my robes swirl around me as if in a gale, 20mg Actos.

Godly Form: I appear as.., No RX Actos. Actos ebay, the very storm itself. Clouds swirl around me, 30mg Actos, Actos australia, and lightning crackles in my eyes.

Concept: Living Thunder

Personal Blight: The ground trembles with my footfalls, Actos overseas, agitating man and beast my presence.

Paragon Form: I appear as... No RX Actos, a figure whose presence pushes back those who try to draw near.

Supernatural Form: I appear as... a stern figure, whose voice resounds with rumbling thunder and whose face crackles with electricity.

Godly Form: I appear as... a thunderclap made physical. Every motion of my arms and every movement of my feet heaves up the earth around me and sends mortals flying.

Storm's Powers Over Mortals and the Land

Fate's Powers: My fate allows me to... unleash Nature's fury, summoning the fiercest of winds and floods. Forest fires burst forth from my furious lightning.

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-Game Design, Mythender
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  1. Ryan Macklin says:

    Excellent Fate!

    - Ryan

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