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December 19, 2012 2 Comments

Vpxl For Sale, Your players have picked up a couple of leads around town, and have learned that the McGuffin is locked away in a vault deep within the city. 40mg Vpxl, Fighting their way past the guards, they make their way to the door, Vpxl usa, Vpxl coupon, pass a complex skill check to open it, and finally slide the door open, Vpxl uk. 500mg Vpxl, It's empty, but for one, Vpxl overseas, Vpxl japan, single note: "Haha. Got you." Their arch nemesis, Vpxl us, 200mg Vpxl, the campaign's Big Bad Evil Guy has foiled them again.

This is patently bullshit, Vpxl craiglist.

Your players, inherently, trust you, Vpxl For Sale. 150mg Vpxl, It's in their nature. If they receive a particular piece of news, 30mg Vpxl, Vpxl mexico, they're going to believe it's true, unless your campaign began with you stating, Vpxl ebay, 50mg Vpxl, very clearly, that there would be many rumors in this game, Vpxl australia, 100mg Vpxl, some true, some not, 750mg Vpxl. Vpxl paypal, If you haven't stated that up front, you've just robbed and upset your players, Vpxl canada. Vpxl india, Players naturally depend on the DM to give them the details of the game world. Vpxl For Sale, It's all in the DM's mind, and needs to be drawn out or given out. The players believe what they're told, 250mg Vpxl, 10mg Vpxl, generally, and lying to them is, 1000mg Vpxl, 20mg Vpxl, in some ways, cheating.

Should you never lie to your players. I'm not saying that. What I am saying is that if you're going to lie to them, do so sparingly, and only on things that aren't going to make them furious.

What should you do in a situation like the one I presented above, Vpxl For Sale. I think if you had a few conflicting stories from rumors swirling about, or some foreshadowing that would allow the players to, even after the fact, realize they'd been had, would be enough. But to present something as completely true, then take that away, reeks of someone who has set out to upset their players on purpose.

What do you think. Is it cheating to lie to your players like that. Have you ever done anything like this. Let me know in the comments.

This post was inspired by this episode of Fear the Boot..

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2 Comments to “Vpxl For Sale”
  1. iserith says:

    I don’t think it’s “lying” or “cheating.” It’s simply a failure of asking for buy-in. Players will often put their characters in harrowing situations or give themselves setbacks if you simply ask them what sorts of challenges and problems they’re interested in rather than springing things on them that the DM has created in vacuum. They might be really interested in setting up a recurring villain to go after and really enjoy the twist in the vault. As a player, I know I would. But the only way to be sure of that is to ask. Even copious hint-dropping is a gamble (people forget things or don’t pick up on relevance quite often in pnp games) and ultimately the “well, I did mention that info in the tavern scene…” can be seen as a DM’s attempt to shield himself from blame for a reveal that falls completely flat.

    It’s pitfalls like the one you presented (and many, many others that have become so ingrained in RPGs that most just “live with it”) that have led me down a path of increased collaboration with my players so that we can create the game we all want to play from the world to the adventures and challenges therein. Trust comes from honest /communication/ about what we all want in the game and players, in my experience, trust the DM more when they see that their ideas and interests are received by the DM and USED in play. Those ideas may very well include plot twists and reveals like the one you describe above.

    @is3rith on Twitter

  2. In to properly accomplish the task, you have to give the players the opportunity to uncover the plot. This is an opportunity but it doesn’t mean they will take it. You also have to give them a cost or an apparent cost.

    I pulled a fast one of my players in the past few years. When the group was low level, I had some goblins “kidnap” the daughter of a militant lord. They used the “hostage” to “force” her father to help them siege the king’s castle.
    The real situation is convoluted. The miliant lord and his daughter are a pit fiend and succubus team who manipulate the politics of the region for centuries. Their goal is to get close to the patron of the heroes (the PCs). They fake her kidnapping, the militant lord feigns being pressured to siege his king. They figure two possible situations:
    1) Heroes recue the daughter, lord turns on the goblins, daughter gets very close to patron and manipulates him. Primary goal accomplished.
    2) Heroes ignore or fail to rescue the daughter. The king’s castle is attached. Militant lord leads a resistance against goblin rule. Deposes the goblin king. He gets lots of gratitude for saving and maybe become king. Still a win.
    They knew the only flaw was if the heroes conducted research or taught about it. Their solution was to demonstrate urgency in the matter.
    The NPCs they interected felt it was such an urgent matter that the players didn’t stop to think about it. They arrived at the watchtower where she was kept. Defeated the goblins & devils there. Didn’t think why there were devils. They left without searching the building (thus missing the portal to hell). They handed the enemy where they wanted to me.
    Later when the players sarted noticing bad stuff happened, they conducted research. They found the stuff they didn’t go and search. They realised they screwed up and went to fix it.They were angry at being had.
    Will I be able to pull the fast one on them later? Maybe but I’ll have to make significant changes to the approach. I also have to be careful with providing a quest with a timed plot.

    As a DM, you have to demonstrate that you play fair.

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