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This article was written on 12 Oct 2012, and is filled under Kismet.

Kismet: A Roleplaying Game of Destiny and Karma

So, I’ve got a brand new game for everyone. The game is a similar to SIR and Awesomesauce in that it’s a very simple, straightforward system. This time, however, the game doesn’t use dice!

The game begins with five blank index cards placed in front of each player. During the course of the game, if a player wants to perform an action, they should write that action down on one of their cards. These can be fairly generic to cover a multitude of actions they can perform in the future.

For example: one player decides they want to be a wizard, so when they face off against a monster, they say, “I throw a fireball!” They then write down on one of their cards: Fire-Based Spellcasting.

Once all of your cards have an action on them, you have reached the extent of your abilities.

Each time you perform an action on one of those cards, flip it over. The GM will now write a negative side to that ability on the back.

For example: the player uses their Fire-Based Spellcasting. They flip it over. The GM writes: Dark Pact on the card. Your spellcasting abilities were gained through sinister means.

To be able to flip over the card to the positive side, you have to perform an action that falls in line with the negative side of the card.

For example: the player has Dark Pact in front of them. To be able to use their Fire-Based Spellcasting again, they’ll have to make a deal with the devil… again.

If all of your cards are on the negative side, your character dies, retires, or something else happens to take him out of the game.

If your character survives the game, they can take another index card and write another special ability onto it.

This game is very narrative-based. It isn’t meant for dungeon crawls or standard adventurers. It’s meant for games of intrigue, of unholy alliances and sinister deeds. Want to destroy a monster? You can use one of your cards, but at what price? The power is in the GM’s hands.

If any of you can think of both positive and negative sides to any cards, put them in the comments! I’ll use them to create a set of cards you can print out to have pregenerated elements to the game.


  1. Name *
    October 12, 2012

    I love this idea! I wish I was creative enough to think of enough bad things to make this fun cause I would LOVE to try this.
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  2. Andrew Meredith
    October 12, 2012

    This is a REALLY goo idea! When are we going to see it in print? It would be a great upsell item at a game store check out counter.

  3. OnlineDM
    October 12, 2012

    Some ideas:
    Tremendous strength / Can’t control temper
    Silver tongued / Deceives allies senselessly
    Crack shot / Itchy trigger finger
    Fount of obscure knowledge / Doesn’t know when to shut up

  4. Mark
    October 12, 2012

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  5. Smiorgan
    October 13, 2012

    Very neat. Tell me more.

  6. Andrew Meredith
    October 13, 2012

    How about a higher level ability and side effect:
    Dodge Death/ Nearby person dies instead.
    Apocalyptic Explosion/ Increase level of Cancer in your Body
    Sheer Luck/ Karmic Bad Luck
    Summon Monster/ Loose Control over Monster
    Assassinate/ See the ghosts of your victims hanging around and getting in the way
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