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What Disney’s Acquisition of Lucasfilm Means For You

So, as announced yesterday, Lucasfilm is now owned by Disney. The details on the deal are (via io9): In 2015, Disney hopes to release Star Wars: Episode VII with plans to release Episode VIII and Episode IX in the following years. Expect […]

Oct, 31

Winter is Coming II: An RPG Blog Carnival

It’s back! Last year’s Winter is Coming Blog Carnival was a big success (thanks to Wombat’s Den of Iniquity for running it!) I had designed the logo for it, and unfortunately, didn’t get a chance […]

Oct, 30

Board Game Review: Star Trek Expeditions

Star Trek Expeditions is an intricate and incredibly brutal game designed to allow you to achieve the peak of heroism, or sit imprisoned by Klingon sympathizes for turns on end. A small mess of serious […]

Oct, 29

War of Everlasting Darkness

Got a message from Wizards of the Coast. If I had a store in the area running D&D Encounters, this would definitely bring me in to play. Here’s their press release. This week marked the […]

Oct, 26

Board Game Review: Heroica

I received three different Heroica sets for my birthday back in March, and though I’ve put them together, I hadn’t gotten around to actually playing. This weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I sat […]

Oct, 25

Awesomesauce on RPGNow!

My first RPG is here! Awesomesauce: Trollhammer Edition has been released on RPGNow! Now you can play the simplest RPG ever created, using a fantastic book assembled by me, with additional rules from Paul Ingrassia […]

Oct, 22

D&DNext and Dragonlance

See? Not everyone’s bored with D&DNext. I had posed a question a couple of weeks ago, wondering where the excitement for D&DNext was. I got a few responses, ranging from “well, once more stuff comes […]

Oct, 19


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