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This article was written on 06 Feb 2012, and is filled under Uncategorized.

Sir Bearington

Here’s a little story I saw over on Reddit, and I thought you all might enjoy it.

This reminds me of a story I heard from one of my friends about how he played an undead kobold wizard. He was quite powerful, and so came back as a lich. Most people wouldn’t recognize the sheer power of this little Kobold, so he created a Shield Guardian, placing it in massive robes and giving it a large staff. When he would travel with his Guardian, he would channel all of his spells through this creature. Anyone who saw the two simply assumed that the guardian was the powerful wizard, and his undead kobold companion was his servant. As such, they generally left the kobold alone.

Not a point here. Just saw the picture, and wanted to pass it along.

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  1. Pres
    October 15, 2013

    This single picture has ruined SO MANY campaigns for me…

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