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This article was written on 29 Dec 2011, and is filled under 4e D&D, The Godfell Stone.

The Translated Letter

I apologize for not getting out session reports of our last few games of The Godfell Stone. Whenever I sit down to write them, I realize there’s so much that’s happened in the session it would take forever to write, then I feel lazy. I’m planning on doing a grand “Our Story So Far” thing soon, to cover everything that’s happened.

In the meantime…

A few weeks ago, the heroes destroyed the Iron Circle, banishing them from the Nentir Vale. On the body of Nazin Redthorn, the leader of the Circle, they discovered this letter:

The players then spent the last 45 minutes of the session attempting to translate the document. The words were a combination of Common (English) and Draconic, so  they were required to use a small two-page dictionary I printed out to translate any draconic words over.

Here’s the Draconic alphabet:

The players had a really good time, and I promised them that after they’d translated it, I’d provide the translation here, so that they could study it over. Here it is now.

“Nazin Redthorn, my friend,

In my research, I have discovered an ancient scroll I believe pertains to me.

Hear your fate, O dwellers in the Haven of Winter of the wide spaces;
Either your famed, great town must be sacked by the Prince’s sons,
Or, if that be not, the whole land of Nerath shall feel the death of a Queen of Ravens,
For not the strength of dragons or of chimeras shall hold him,
Strength against strength; for he has the power of Io,
And will not be checked until one of these two he has consumed

Prince Orcus will be most pleased. The alliance of Asmodeus and Orcus grows stronger.

Send your men to the fortress with most haste. The God Slayer will be ours.


The sorcerer shall not escape.”

It’s a simple letter, dealing with a piece of the prophecy they discovered in Session 3, but I think it was effective. If I made it any longer, they were going to be there into the wee hours of the morning.

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