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This article was written on 16 Nov 2011, and is filled under 4e D&D, Fluff/Inspiration.

Liturgy of Nerath: Avandra

About a month back, I put out a post about this series. Now it’s finally here.

I wrote a post about Divinity a while back, that got some fantastic response, so I’m going to be talking more in depth about the worship of each god in detail, as I see it. I’ll be referencing things from the Divinity article.

Avandra, goddess of freedom and travel, is a fickle god. She distains organized worship, as it limits her disciples from their freedom, and yet, as with all of the gods, the worship of others is essential to her to maintain her power.

As such, her priests, known as Wanderers, travel the world, seeking out new discoveries and new paths. When they come upon another sentient life, they will often begin to preach to them, telling them of the power of Avandra. However, as goddess of freedom, she does not allow her followers to attempt conversion. Thus, the conversations usually is much broader, discussing the power of freedom.

The priests of Avandra travel light, and do not rush anywhere. Their thought is that the journey itself is the reward. This can be frustrating to a group they are traveling with, as they refuse to race from place to place.

Clerics of Avandra don’t usually wear heavier armor, choosing leather or hide to protect themselves. They see the protection and healing of those around them as a symbol of Avandra’s desire for freedom.

Paladins of Avandra actively seek out those who would seek to hinder freedom, and stop them. They actively work at ending prison sentences in civilized nations, offering alternative methods of punishment instead.

Avengers of Avandra are the assassins of the Goddess of Freedom. They will often be sent in by their goddess to free slaves, kill slavetraders, and stop those who would hinder freedom in any way.

That’s about all. Can you think of anything else Wanderers of Avandra would do? Avandra is a tricky one, as she wouldn’t have such defined religious structures. The ones after this will be more organized.

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