Legends of Middle Earth: Arantar, Son of Elatan

May 17, 2011 No Comments Over on RPGGeek, I've joined a Play By Forum game of Legends of Middle Earth. The game itself is a free RPG, inspired by the works of Tolkien, and from what I've seen, it is a pretty solid system. I'm not sure the exact plot of the upcoming game, but he asked us all to make characters. My first thought was a Knight of Rohan, but someone else swooped in first and chose that role. I chose the next best thing: A Dunedain Leader, who has taken up with the Rohirim. After spending some time with the elves, which gives him a trifling of elven magic, he joins up with the Riders of Rohan for a time. Here's my writeup for him. Arantar, son of Elatan Dunedain Leader Special Abilities: Long Life, Inspire Followers Skills: Willpower 12 Leadership 12 Riding 11 Melee 11 Regional Lore 10 Alertness 9 Archery 10 Magic (Elves) 3 Story Tokens: 3 Passions: Protect the weak 2, Restore my father's name 1 Artifacts: Cloak of Hiding 1 Far Seeing 3 Fell Weapon 1 Focus of Magic 1 Powers of Light 2 Arantar, son of Elatan is a Dunedain, descendent of the Numenorians. Raised among the people of the North, he wandered the earth for a time, settling with the Elves of the Grey Havens for 40 years, learning their ways, the innate magic they possessed. It was while in their company that he received news of his father's demise. Fell creatures from Angmar had swept into Forodwaith, and slain his father. There are some, however, who say they have seen him fighting alongside the dark forces of Angmar and an unholy semblance of his former self. Arantar knew this to be impossible, and left for the Forodwaith to investigate. All he found was dust and bones. After years of searching for any sign of his father, finding none, he headed south, and found himself in the company of the Riders of Rohan. For the last ten years, he has ridden with the Rohirim, and has taken the rank of captain. Few know of his true origins. I look forward to seeing where this character goes. I'll keep you all abreast.Character Creation, Lord of the Rings

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